Ap. Dr. Shahim

This is Ap. Dr. Shahim one of our UCCSAT SEMINARY AND THEOLOGICAL BIBLE COLLEGE Kampala lecturer from USA, he is a Graduate from Fort Union Military Academy in Fort Union Virginia in1994, went to United States Army from 1996 to 1999 2000 graduate from Westwood college BSN in criminal justice 2003 graduate from George Mason University BSN in business management 2007 graduate from UDC University in medical assistant 2009 graduate of the University of Ohio Christian BSN in religious studies In 2012 graduate from associated with Saint Leo university theogoly In 2014 graduate from Saint Leo in Master of divinity. In 2016 graduate from Shepherd Bible College  BSN in theology. In 2018 graduate from university liberty in doctoral in counseling.

What a good lecturer we can’t miss to sit under and harvest from his academia venture.

Bishop Professor Mugume Bagambaki Richard Founder President / Chancellor.