Bishop Kabenge Rhonie Richard

This is Bishop Kabenge Rhonie Richard, he holds

(1) A Diploma in General theology, two years certificate in Discipleship Evangelism

(2) Certificate in Permanent School of The Prophets

(3) Certificate in The Ministry in the church and The Community

(4) Certificate in Majoring in Men Commission

(5) Certificate in Specialized Leadership Training, Certificate In Level of Leadership, Spirit of Leadership, Team Victory, Character of A leader, and Leadership is influence.

(6) Now studying A Diploma in Worship in Life School International. He is one of our UCCSAT SEMINARY AND THEOLOGICAL BIBLE COLLEGE Kampala Uganda East Africa, in Faculty of Pastoral Class, School of Ministry and Prophetic. He is a man of his word and integrity in Biblical ethics and overseas multiple churches in Africa and entrepreneurship. Sitting in his class you will see God talking in your life by Word and elderly wisdom. Welcome Bishop Professor Mugume Bagambaki Richard President/Chancellor UCCSAT