Dr Zerai Hagos

This is Dr Zerai Hagos from Ethiopia.
He has more than 15 years of experience in Christian ministry as a pastoral counselor, Bible teacher and seminary Professor.
He is the founder and CEO of Olive Institute of Holistic Health and Co- Founder of Salem International Institute.
In his secular work, he has served as an academic Vice president of Pharma College. He is currently working as a Seminary Professor and Education program manager at project Mercy, a Christian International NGO.
I holds Bachelor degrees in pharmacy, social work, and Psychology; Masters degrees in Leadership, social work and sociology; Doctor of theology, Doctor of Psychology and PhD.

He is our staff at UCCSAT SEMINARY AND THEOLOGICAL BIBLE COLLEGE Kampala Uganda East Africa, is the head of Curriculum and faculty of Psychology and Counselling and also a lecturer in faculty of leadership.

You can’t miss his many years experience in knowledge, analyst and academic fountain flow to enrich the body of Jesus Christ. Welcome him.

Bishop Professor Mugume Bagambaki Richard President/chancellor and many professors and lecturers will be introduced….